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There are many strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands. The cool weather of Cameron Highlands is suitable to grow strawberries, therefore, many strawberry farms are seen in Cameron Highlands. Nowadays, strawberries are grown hydroponically. This is a method of growing strawberries without soils. It is grown on raised trays fed by water containing the essential nutrients for the strawberries.

Raju's Hill Strawberry Farm, Kasimani's Strawberry Farm and Healthy Strawberry Farm are the most popular strawberry farms to be visit.

Most strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands offer self-picking. Basically you just need to get a plastic bag from the vendors and start picking strawberries. Once you have finished, bring the plastic bag to the counter to determine the cost of your purchase. It is a great experience. You may pick those bigger in size or you may get those sweeter ones. This is definitely a good way for you to choose bigger and sweeter strawberries. Beside that, you will also be able to gain new experience of plucking your own strawberries. It is definitely a sweet and memorable experience. Kids will definitely love this. Furthermore, in strawberry farms you can learn how the strawberries look like and how they grow up.

Besides the fruit strawberries, you will also be able to taste delicious, mouth-watering strawberry lassi, pickled strawberry, strawberry yoghurt, strawberry milkshake, strawberry ice cream and much more. You will be able to see many ranges of strawberries products. You also should not miss out trying the homemade strawberry jam, strawberry ice and strawberry syrup. There are also strawberry cake, strawberry sundaes, strawberry tea and strawberry juice. These are all made of fresh strawberries. You should never miss out trying these. They are special and super delicious.

In strawberry farms, you can get a lot of strawberry related souvenirs. For example strawberry T-shirt, strawberry key chain etc.

Here is a list of some of the strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands:

    * Kasimanis Strawberry Farm - Located near the Cameron Highlands Golf Course. If you are driving on the main road from Tanah Rata to Brinchang, turn left right after you pass the golf course club house. The Kasimanis Strawberry Farm offers self-picking. All you have to do is get a plastic bag from counter and start picking. After you have finished picking, go to the counter and the plastic bag will be weighed to determine the price.
    * Big Red Strawberry Farm & Gift Center - Four acres of strawberries and lettuces which are all hydroponically grown. A good place to get the the best price for Cameron Highlands strawberries. Located in Brinchang town. Same location as Cactus Valley. From the main road, turn into road where Star Regency is located. Take a right at the junction and go in about 200 metres.
    * KHM Strawberry
    * EQ Strawberry Farm
    * Healthy Strawberry Farm
    * Raju's Hill Strawberry Farm
    * Kok Lim Self Plucking Strawberry Farm

Fresh Strawberry Pix from Farm . Cameron Highlands . Pahang . Malaysia.

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